Company Profile

Amraz has been leading the Israeli plastics industry since 1939. The company specializes in producing Preforms, Closures and Foils from a wide range of thermoplastic raw materials using an extensive array of advanced production methods. With plant in Israel , Amraz has always been at the forefront of technology, marketing its products in over twenty countries around the globe.

Amraz at the Forefront of Technology
Amraz provides its clients with a complete technological solution. The company’s plant in Had-Halom Industrial area , offers an extensive array of advanced production methods, such as injection molding, pressing, co-extrusion, extrusion of multi-layer foils and multi-color striped foils. Amraz accompanies its clients throughout the entire production process, from design, through engineering and to packaging, palletizing, storing, shipping and logistics.

Amraz as Pioneer and Leader
Amraz has pioneered Israel’s plastics industry since its inception. With close to eighty years of spearheading technological innovations, the company has always been the first in Israel to work with the world’s most advanced raw materials and production techniques. During the 1980s, Amraz broke new ground in the local soft drink industry with its introduction transparent PET bottles for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. In the 1990s, Amraz set a new standard in colored multi-layer co-extrusion for a broad range of applications. It is, therefore, only natural that Amraz leads the Israeli plastics industry also in the 21st century.

Quality Assurance