Foil & Sheet

Using extrusion technology, Amraz manufactures a wide range of foils of different thicknesses for food industry. The products include single- and multi-layer foils, multi-color striped foils.

Single-Layer Foils

Amraz manufactures clear, white or solid-color single-layer foils, according to client specification.

Multi-Layer Foils

Amraz manufactures clear, white, solid-color or multi-color multi-layer foils, according to client specification. The construction of the layers allows for designated features, such as foils with a dark light-blocking layers or foils with an oxidation-preventing EVOH layer. Amraz has the capability to manufacture foils made of up to five layers using five different materials.

Multi-Color Striped Foils

Amraz is one of very few companies in the world and the only one in Israel to manufacture multi-color striped foils. The foils are constructed of up to four stripes in a rainbow of colors, according to client specification. Most of the multi-color striped foils are designated for packaging semi-liquid dairy products through FFS processes.